My Purpose / Why “Pure Marketing Lab” Exists

October 22, 2018 1 Comment

Hi, my name is Fitz, and I am the 23 year old Founder Of Pure Marketing Lab.

I have spent the last 8 years starting and developing ecommerce businesses, gaining a strong practical understanding of digital marketing and learning the key components of fulfilling an ecommerce mission! 

To fully describe to you why this business exists, I must start with a story. 

As a young college student, from my dorm room at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, PA  over a 6 moth period, I was able to reach 258,635 highly targeted people a total of 471,025 times* for one of my e-commerce startups.

Little ‘ol me, a college kid with no certifications, no credentials, no understanding of consumer data collection & no understanding of the human impacts of the influence of digital marketing on consumers was given access to some of the largest databases of human information in the world (Advertising Platforms). With just a few clicks I was able to instantly target individuals from a pool of hundreds of millions of internet users based on things such as; income, political alignment, purchase habits, multicultural affinity, and tap into consumer data that was compiled by big data firms such as Experian, Oracle Datalogix, Epsilon & Acxiom.

After several months of examining this data & using it advertising campaigns, I found myself obsessively concerned with the tremendous POWER that this insight and data gives advertisers. I began to ask myself, “if people knew how much of their data was available to marketers, would they be MORTIFIED?” Furthermore, I asked myself, “is the privacy of hundreds of millions of consumers violated every day?”

After over a year of soul searching and research, I am confident that unfortunately the answer to both of those questions is yes! My first thought was that the digital marketing industry is tainted, and that I needed to disconnect myself from this industry immediately.

For a period of 5 weeks, I pondered on the good and the bad of digital advertising, consumer data privacy and the necessity of digital advertising in today’s connected world. 

I arrived at the following conclusions

  • Digital marketing is essential for the vast majority of businesses (especially those that seek to affect the positive change that our world so desperately needs.)
  • It is possible for digital advertisers to exhibit greater respect for internet user data privacy by limiting the amount of data that is used in ad campaigns
  • It is possible to generate great business results while maximizing consumer data privacy (The secret sauce is creativity 😉)
  • Consumers deserve to see and understand the ways in which their information is collected and sold
  • I believe that data privacy is one of the most widespread human rights issues in the world 
  • For this issue to be completely fixed, there are several systemic changes that need to be implemented by the decision makers of big data firms and advertising platforms. 

In developing this list, I began to feel a deeper and deeper obligation to challenge the status quo, and tackle all of the above points head on. So, today, (INSERT WEBSITE LAUCH DATE HERE (FORMAT: Day of Week, Month, Day of Year) I am launching Pure Marketing Lab, the entity that will set a new and unassailable standard for the way that digital marketing is done and is looked at by consumers and businesses worldwide! Oh… and I promise that I and everyone else that joins the team will have an absolute blast in the process 😉)

It is my hope that this post has helped you to understand my purpose and the reason that Pure Marketing Lab exists! 


If you have any questions, comments or concerns at all, please leave a comment, and I will get back to you ASAP!

-Fitz (Founder)


*Typically a marketer mentioning “reach” or “impressions” is used to falsely impress clients (commonly referred to as “Vanity Metrics”). The purpose of me mentioning these metrics is not to try to impress, but rather to illustrate and quantify the scope of the issue with the current digital marketing system.

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