My Guiding Principles

January 25, 2019

I acknowledge my social obligations (to society as a whole, consumers, my clients, my stakeholders and the industries in which I operate) that come with the tremendous power of digital marketing. Through my work, I strive to be a major catalyst in the significant and continuous improvement of consumer data privacy in the digital marketing and big data industries. Therefore, I am committed to being extremely cautious, selective and and intentional regarding:

  • The source of any consumer data that I come in contact with
  • The method of acquisition of any consumer data that I come in contact with
  • The consumer data that is collected on my clients website
  • The transfer of any of the consumer data that I come in contact with to any other party or platform
  • The “client owned” consumer data that is uploaded to advertising platforms, or third party platforms
  • The consumer data from advertising platforms that I use in my clients campaigns
  • The use of any consumer data that comes in contact with in algorithms that create audiences of similar people based on consumer similarities 
  • The use of consumer tracking, monitoring and screen-recording tools
  • The data points that my clients advertisements are contributing to the ad platforms, to the digital marketing industry & the big data industry!
  • The audiences that I create in regards to minimizing the chances of discriminatory targeting (Especially, but not limited to the following forms of targeting (In no particular order): Race, Ethnicity, Minority Status, Nationality, Language Spoken, Age, Sex, Gender Identity, Education Level, Sexual Orientation, Current Location, Location History, Political Affiliation, Income, Religion, Immigration Status, Occupation, Employment Status, Military Affiliation, Disability Status, Marital / Relationship Status, Socioeconomic Status, Purchase Behavior, Interests, Behaviors, Parental Status, Consumer Classification, Digital Activities / Behaviors, Psychographics (including, but not limited to: Opinions, Attitude, Values, Lifestyles, Emotions, Personality Characteristics, Behaviors, Etc.), etc.

I am committed to abiding by these principles while driving strong results for my clients. Additionally, I am committed to continuing to develop and amend my guiding principles and approach, as the voice of the consumer, the digital marketing industry and the big data industry continue to evolve. 

*If you would like more detail on a specific principle, or if you would like to discuss the potential addition of a new principle, please reach out to me via email:


If you have any questions, comments or concerns at all, please leave a comment, and I will get back to you ASAP!

-Fitz (Founder)

My journey has just begun, and I am tremendously excited! 😊 Thank you for following along!

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