My Core Philosophy

October 22, 2018

The vision of Pure Marketing Lab is to be a major catalyst in the significant and continuous improvement of consumer data privacy in the digital marketing and big data industries.

Clearly that’s a tall order, so let’s talk about how we are moving towards accomplishing this!

It all boils down to a few things;

  1. Maximizing Consumer Data Privacy
  2. Ethical Decisions
  3. Hyper Focus
  4. Creativity
  5. Optimization

So What do these mean?

  1. Maximizing Data Privacy: The digital marketing and big data industries have gone too far! The privacy of millions of consumers is violated every day! Pure Marketing Lab combats the status quo by frequently and independently determining the sources and points of consumer data that we feel is sensitive and/or private & we ensure that we don’t directly use this data in our ad campaigns.
  2. Ethical Decisions: I believe that the purpose of business should be “to contribute to the flourishing of all life” Pure Marketing Lab is committed to maintaining a high standard of business ethics and thinking critically about the impacts of our advertising decisions (especially as it pertains to vulnerable populations) & making modifications as we discover issues.
  3. Hyper Focus: Every campaign, and every strategy starts with a client goal... in order to accomplish your goal, we have to make the RIGHT DECISIONS, from the beginning! This is achieved through understanding your business, understanding several advertising channels & understanding trends relative to your industry. Then creating a detailed and specific strategy that will not be deviated from (except during optimization).
  4. Creativity: Everyday over 1 trillion digital ads are delivered! So... you’ve got A TON of competition! The content of the ads that we run must be “thumb stopping” & “attention holding”. Additionally, we must be creative and unique when determining the placement and sequencing of your ads compared to that of others in your industry. 
  5. Optimization: Shhhh... if you listen closely you can hear your ad data speaking to you! Your ad performance data will give you strong indications of what to modify, add or remove from your campaign to improve performance! You must be willing to listen closely and frequently! In my opinion, some of the best performing ad campaigns are the result of a halfway decent strategy followed by a series of data driven micro-optimizations! Great strategy is important, but optimization is the key to truly great performance!
  6. Results: Let’s face it... all of this stuff is theoretically, unless I am driving strong results for your business! When you hire Pure Marketing Lab, you are trusting in me to help you to fulfill your mission and grow your business, and I take that very seriously! Pure Marketing Lab is also motivated to deliver you results that beat the competition (hand over fist) so that we can continue to demonstrate to the world that phenomenal results are possible while maximizing consumer data privacy.


I will leave you with this: My thoughts on what makes great digital execution

  • 50% creativity & strategy development
  • 20% implementation of the tools at our disposal
  • 30% continuous analysis and optimization.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns at all, please leave a comment, and I will get back to you ASAP!

-Fitz (Founder)

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